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Rubi Ramos’ Recipe for Succes

Alma University has always been the main ingredient for Rubi Ramos’s future success. The whole point of the American Dream is to rise above her Cuban parents’ circumstances. Not to follow in their footsteps. Though sometimes Rubi thinks that following in their footsteps sounds like a dream too.   

So when Rubi finds out about Orange County’s first annual Bake Off, she secretly signs up for one last baking hurrah. But when Alma U waitlists her, Rubi tries to save her pre-determined future by whipping up a new recipe:


A handful of tutoring sessions with a (hot) surfing mathlete. 

One last minute interview with Alma’s Dean of Admissions.

Bringing home the gold at the debate tournament.


All the ingredients to get into Alma without her parents being none the wiser. Something that gets harder and harder to do when she begins to rise to Bake Off’s creme of the crop. As her two secrets begin to collide, Rubi must decide what she is willing to sacrifice: her parents’ dreams for her, or her own. Unless she learns some new tricks inside and outside the prep room, Rubi will lose out on having her cake. Never-mind getting to eat it too.